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Win A Hunt Of A Lifetime

With many different categories to enter this contest is open to all axis hunters. Simple and mobile the TADA will be hosting the annual contest statewide for the luckiest hunters across Texas.

Statewide Contest

TADA members will compete for the best in Texas. Categories will included Largest Typical, Largest Non-Typical, Longest Beam, Longest Caudal, Longest Brow, Longest Abnormal Point, Heaviest Mass and Widest Spread. Contest will be broken down into 4 division High Fence Rifle, Low Fence Rifle, High Fence Archery and Low Fence Archery with Men, Women and Youth winners in each category. Over 90 category winners!!

Contest runs for a full year. Starting January 1 and end on December 31.

Click Here to Enter Contest

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to your Member’s Page

  2. Search for the member you want to make a writer

  3. Click on the member’s profile

  4. Click the 3 dot icon ( ⠇) on the Follow button

  5. Select Set as Writer

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