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About The Association

Axis deer hunting in Texas is becoming more popular by the day. We always heard about medal classifications on our trophies but it has been very inconsistent. Working with certified scores and outfitters across Texas we have developed a new system to help keep the records of your trophy.

Submitting Your Scores

Easier than ever before we have developed a mobile friendly submission form that will allow you to score and submit your scores in the field. Werther you just recently killed your buck or 50 years ago you are eligible for an award classification. We are encouraging you to submit any axis you have killed so that we can begin to create the TADA Record Books. With every submission you create you will receive points for a drawing at our Awards banquet (do not have to be present to win). The more data we collect the better our association can help promote and protect axis hunting in Texas. Please support TADA with this new and exciting movement.

Trophy Record Classifications

Platinum Award 170+

Gold Medal Award 160-169

Silver Medal Award 140-159

Bronze Medal Award 120-139

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