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McClendon Ranch

Located in the rolling hills of Live Oak County, McClendon Ranch is known as one of the most premiere genetic ranches in Texas and well known for the famous Giant Axis buck that went viral on social media. The buck was so impressive that we decided to design the Texas Axis Deer Association logo with a picture taken of the buck.

Within a few miles of Three Rivers, Texas this ranch offers some of the best axis deer hunting there is to offer. With years of management the axis herd has quickly grown into an axis hunting paradise producing world class axis bucks year after year.

McClendon Ranch has recently added world class blackbuck to their program and will soon begin offering hunts along with Scimitar Oryx and Aoudad. When it comes to world class trophies this ranch is a must hunt bucket list spot for any trophy hunter. Want a chance at a platinum award trophy? Call them today...Quirt McClendon 361-362-8315.

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